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Photos from Pop Warner Super Bowl. Orlando, USA
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Press-Release on CLAF's Activities in 1999

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Welcome to the website dedicated to the development of American football in Russia. This site is constructed by the Children▓s League of American Football (CLAF), Moscow, Russia. 

On this page You would find information about the activities of American football organizations in Russia. There is also much information about on an exotic for Russia sport as cheerleading, activities of sport schools, information of Russian football teams and their achievements, sport events, which are regularly held with the support of the Children▓s League of American Football, etc.

So, we are glad to introduce You the following parts of our site:

ABOUT US √ information on Russian American football organizations, their activities, goals and plans.

PARTNERS √ organizations (mainly American football ones) we deal with. You can find their logos (which are links to their site) as well as some brief description of their activities.

SPONSORS √ about our sponsors: their logos, activities, events which were orginized under their support, etc.

NEWS √ What is going on in American football in Russia, coming sport events, etc.

PRESS √ press-releases on the tournaments

TEAMS √ Russian teams playing American football, their sport achievements, photos, characteristics of players.

CHEERS √ cheerleading in Russia

GUESTS √ please, feel free to write any comments in our guestbook

LINKS √ to the most interesting sport sites in the Internet

We hope You will enjoy our site and will come back regularly. This site is subject to be changed, updated, developed, etc. If You have any questions or comments on design and structure of this site, please contact webmasters

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