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Learning Russian through Comics!

Let me suggest you to start learning Russian language with the help of funny comics. Comic strips presented in this section have two versions. One of them is in English and another one is in Russian.
When the English version is loaded, you'll be suggested to open Russian version of comic strip in a new window. So you'll be able to look through the comic strips in both languages at the same time. Read and learn. Good luck!

Welcome to Free Comics for Kids and Parents!

This site is the only comics site in the net containing artworks of Russian cartoonists. All of their cartoons are full of fun, humor and the unpredictable flies of Russian artists fantasy. All of the comic strips here are full colored and I do hope youll be satisfied with both characters and great graphic of the strips. They are really kind and funny. Children and their parents as well will become comics lovers, if they are not as yet.

That is about all we have YET. But IT IS only the BEGINNING.. :-)

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