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     The  club  "Eternal  Sails"  (Krasnoyarsk)  plans to conduct
"Hobbit's Games"  on the Mana River not far  from  Krasnoyarsk in
the camp "Valinor" from 4 to 11 September 1990 first in the USSR.
     The program of "Hobbit's Games":
     - proper game;
     - seminar of fans;
     - contest for the prize of Gimli;
     - contest for the prize of Legolas;
     - contest for the prize of Gollum;
     - art exhibition;
     - contest of fireworks;
     - "A Long-expected Party";
     - float down the Mana River.
     The  proper  game	will  last  60	hours.	Some commands are
created for conducting of the game:
     - The Companions of the Ring;
     - The Black Nazg√ls;
     - The Dwarves of Thorin;
     - The Dwarves of Balin;
     - The Dwarves of Dain;
     - The Elves of Rivendell;
     - The Elves of L╒rien;
     - The Uruk-hai;
     - The Goblins;
     - The Orks;
     - The Inhabitants of Gondor;
     - The Inhabitants of Esgaroth;
     - The Riders of Rohan.
     The members of commands will play their parts: Frodo, Bilbo,
Gandalf,  Aragorn,  Elrond,  Boromir,  Legolas,  Gimli,  Samwise,
Peregrin,  Thorin,  Sauron,  Saruman,  ░omer,  Uglёk,  Grishn═kh,
Balin, Bombadil, Galadriel and so on.
     The  clubs  from  Abakan,	Perm,  Irkutsk,  Khabarovsk, Ufa,
Tomsk,	Novosibirsk,  Moscow are announced that  members of these
clubs will take part in the games.
     Each command  will take a task in accordance with the epopee
The Lord of the Ring by J.R.R.Tolkien:	a destruction the Ring in
the Mountain of Fire in Mordor,  a seizure the Ring, wars, trade,
magic,	robbery,  brigandage...  The members of games  will apply
wooden side-arms with blunt end and spears  and arrows	with soft
heads.	They  will  use natural and  information  exchange (arms,
jewerly,   captives,   provisions,   misteries	etc.)	as  money
circulation.  If somebody lose provisions or opponents steal them
then the commands must find their food.
     The  Valars  of  games  decided  to  use  some magic things:
mithril chain-mals, warders, rings etc.
     The  club	"Eternal  Sails"  publishes fan-paper  "Palant║r"
since October 1989.

[Большое спасибо Сэму Гэмджи, из архива которого был взят этот текст - Хранители]


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