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А орочей словарь по какому автору составляли? У Толкиена не так много говорилось об этом языке.

"it is said that they had no language of their own, but took what they could of other tongues and perverted it to their own liking, yet they made only brutal jargons, scarcely sufficient even for their own needs, unless it were for curses and abuse"

Говорилось также, что Моргот "had made a language for those who served him".

А потом далектов было хоть отбавляй: "these creatures, being filled with malice, hating even their own kind, quickly developed as many barbarous dialects as there were groups or settlements of their race, so that their Orkish speech was of little use to them in intercourse between different tribes"

Вот Черный Язык - другое дело!!!

ЗЫ. Orc, не надо ссорится с другими существами. Не хорошо это.
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