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Вопросы и ответы Место, где можно задать вопрос и получить ответ о Дж.Р.Р.Толкиене, о его книгах, о Средиземье и Валиноре, о толкинистах и их делах, а также об Арде-на-Куличках

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Ludovick is on a distinguished road
создание Мордора

прошу реф на историю возникновения Мордора. Я уверен, что это рукотворная (моргототворная — Саурон был мелковат для такой валарской работы) страна с правильными оборонительными П-образными стенами.
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Аватарка Burgher
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Burgher is on a distinguished road
Достоверно известно, что Хитаэглир (Мглистые горы) был воздвигнут Морготом, чтобы воспрепятствовать исходу эльфов на Запад с Ороме. Про происхождение мордорских гор, насколько я знаю, ничего конкретно не сказано. До того, как там во Второй Эпохе поселился Саурон, Мордор ничем примечателен не был. А поселился он там с разрешения эльфов.
В общем же геологический облик Арды формировался в Предначальную Эпоху в борьбе валар с Мелькором.
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Пред. 26.06.10, 23:45   #3
old timer
Аватарка John
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John is an unknown quantity at this point
Ccылки по ТТА 2 ЕЕ.

In this Age, as is elsewhere told, Sauron arose again in Middle-earth, and grew, and turned back to the evil in which he was nurtured by Morgoth, becoming mighty in his service. Already in the days of Tar-Minastir, the eleventh King of Númenor, he had fortified the land of Mordor and had built there the Tower of Barad-dûr, and thereafter he strove ever for the dominion of Middle-earth, to become a king over all kings and as a god unto Men.

Т.е. С. укрепил М. и построил Барад-дур около 900-1000 года 2-й эпохи.

270 Complete Guide to Middle-earth by Robert Foster

Mordor (S.: 'black-land') Realm east of the lower Anduin, bounded
and protected on the north by the Ered Lithui and on the south
and west by the Ephel Duath. First settled by Sauron about SA
1000, Mordor was ever after a stronghold of evil. From Mordor
Sauron directed the War of the Elves and Sauron, and he re-
mained there until he submitted to Ar-Pharazon in 3262. After
the fall of Niimenor Sauron returned to Mordor, and in 3429
he attacked Gondor. Mordor was invaded by the army of the
Last Alliance in 3434, and with Sauron's defeat in 3441 Mordor
was cleansed of his servants.
In the Third Age Gondor built fortresses such as Durthang,
the Towers of the Teeth, and the Tower of Cirith Ungol to
prevent any evil thing from re-entering Mordor. After the Great
Plague of 1636 these fortresses were abandoned, and the Nazgul
entered Mordor and began the slow preparation of the land for
the return of Sauron, who was then dwelling in disguise in Dol
Guldur. In 2942 Sauron returned to his home and in 2951 openly
declared himself and began the rebuilding of the Barad-dur.
During the WR the armies gathered in Mordor were unleashed
against Gondor, but with the unmaking of the One Ring many
of Sauron's works were destroyed and Mordor was devastated
by earthquakes.
Points cf interest in Mordor included Gorgoroth, Lithlad
and Nurn, three of its chief plains, the Sea of Nurnen, Udun,
Orodruin, Cirith Gorgor, the Isenmouthe, Cirith Ungol, Morgul
Pass, the Morgai, etc.
Called in Westron the Black Land, the Land of Shadow or
the Dark Country. Also called the Nameless Land. (A 771,
932 ff., 1082,1085, 1088, 1092,1120-31; B1 Endpaper; B3174 ff.,
325, 328, 332, 335, 364-75; C1 533; C3 207 ff., 397-8, 402,
407, 412, 454-72; D1 389; D3 152 ff., 289, 292, 296, 300,

434 Michael C. Drout Encyclopedia

Mordor is Sauron's stronghold at the end of the Third Age, the Black Lands in the East of Middle-earth, (for detail, see Fonstad's Atlas, but note, that her infer.ence that the Sea of Helcar originally overlay Mordor and its surrounding areas was invalidated by the subsequent publication of The Peoples of Middle-earth).

Фонстад думала, что ранее Мордор лежал на дне моря Хэлкар, но с выходом НоМЕ-12 стало ясно, что это не так.

304-305 HoME-12 The Peoples of Middle-earth
Very great changes came to pass as the Second Age proceeded. The first ships of the Númenóreans appeared off the coasts of Middle-earth about Second Age 600, but no rumour of this portent reached the distant North. At the same time, however, Sauron came out of hiding and revealed himself in fair form. For long he paid little heed to Dwarves or Men and endeavoured to win the friendship and trust of the Eldar. But slowly he reverted again to the allegiance of Morgoth and began to seek power by force, marshalling again and directing the Orks and other evil things of the First Age, and secretly building his great fortress in the mountain-girt land in the South that was afterwards known as Mordor.

Построил крепость в земле, которая _после_ стала зваться Мордор.

И, наконец -

390 HoME-12 The Peoples of Middle-earth
14 No doubt because Gil-galad had by then discovered that Sauron was busy in Eregion, but had secretly begun the making of a stronghold in Mordor. (Maybe already an Elvish name for that region, because of its volcano Orodruin and its eruptions - which were not made by Sauron but were a relic of the devastating works of Melkor in the long First Age. )

Мордор - остаток первоэпошных (ул.) разрушений Мелькора.

Покопайтесь сами в поиске - я задавал Mordor без искажений, если попробовать с 1-й или 2 буквами fuzzy - будет больше результатов.
И поковыряйтесь потщательнее в НоМе-4 и 12.

С уважением.
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gogishvilli is on a distinguished road
а где взять точную карту?
что-нибудь вроде сканированного Профессорского рисунка?
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