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Tolkien.ru Is 'Rings' Fans' Online Fantasy Come True

The Tolkien craze has swept the capital, with moviegoers lining up to catch «Lord of the Rings.» But for those who can't get enough fantasy at the theater, there's plenty more online at www.tolkien.ru.

Tolkien.ru is far from complete, the site says, but it has plenty of art and literature devoted to John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and his mystical realm called Middle Earth.

The author's complete body of work is available, and not only «Lord of the Rings» and «The Hobbit,» but more obscure works as well. The site also has a search engine to help visitors find specific passages from Tolkien's work.

Just in case you get lost in Middle Earth, the Maps section can help you find your way around, and you can also hear passages from Tolkien's work or an interview with the author himself at the Sounds section.

For the aspiring author, Tolkien.ru is hosting a contest called «Tolkien vs. Perumov.» The contest is being held simultaneously on two web sites, Tolkien.ru and Olmer.ru, which is devoted to fans of fantasy author Nick Perumov.

Visitors to the sites will choose the best story based in Middle Earth, and the winner will receive a flat-bed scanner. Tolkien.ru asks that Tolkien fans be respectful of their Perumov counterparts.

The site offers plenty of other features, including a forum and chat room, and has its own Fantasy Club, which is not just for Tolkien fans but the entire fantasy genre.

Members of the club can send in photographs, drawings or poetry and talk with other fantasy fans. The club calls itself «offline» because its members often meet outside of cyberspace.

Also, check out Tolkien.ru's list of links for more online fantasy.

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