First name, patronymic, family name:
Vladimir Semyonovich Vyssotski.
Favourite Author:
M. Bulgakov.
Favourite poet:
B. Akhmadoulina.
Favourite Theatre and plays:
The Taganka, Alive.
Favourite film and director:
"City Lights", Chaplin.
Favourite sculptor and monument:
"The Thinker" Rodin.
Favourite artist and painting:
Kouindji, "Light of the Moon".
Favourite composer, piece of music, song:
Chopin, "Etude No. 12", song: "Get up, Gigantic Country".
Countries you like:
Russia, Poland, France.
Male hero:
Marlon Brando.
Female heroine:
A secret.
Most remarkable historical figure:
Lenin, Garibaldi.
Most disgusting historical figure:
Hitler and his henchmen.
Most striking character in present-day world:
I know of none.
What in your opinion is friendship? :
When one can tell someone everything about oneself, even what is most disgusting.
Your friend's character traits:
Tolerance, wisdom, discretion.
Favourite character traits in a man:
Passion, the capacity to react (but only for good causes).
Character traits you most dislike in a man:
Foolishness, simplemindedness, baseness.
What is it you most lack? :
What adjective suites you best? :
Why do you like life?
Which one?
What are your favourite flowers, smells, sounds? :
White, the carnation, the smell of sun-bleached hair, the sound of a bell.
What would you like to obtain from life? :
That I should be remembered, that I should be allowed to go wherever I wish.
What would you give a dear friend if you were all-powerful? :
Another life.
What event would fill you with the greatest happiness? :
The premiere of "Hamlet".
And what would be the most tragic event?
The loss of my voice.
When did you last experience a great joy?
When I was happy.
What was your most recent cause of annoyance?
What is your favourite maxim or adage? :
"We'll muddle through." V. Vyssotski.
If you had one million rubles, what would be the first thing you did with them?
I would organize a banquet.
What is your favourite spot in your favourite city? :
Samoteka, in Moscow.
Your dream? :
A better life.
Are you happy?
Sometimes, yes.
That's the way it is.
Do you want to be a great man and why?
I want to be one and I will be one.
28 June 1970:
28 iyunya 1970 g. V. Vysockij

Translated by de Cate and Navrozov.
From the recording "Le Monument".

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