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He has not come back from the combat
Russian title: On ne vernulsya iz boya
Everything is not right? Why? It looks as the same:
Sky above, is as blue as it always,
Same is forest, the river, and also the air
But he hasn't returned from the combat

I can't now get straight, who was true there from us
In disputes without sleeping and repose.
It became not to snatch him only, today,
When he has not come back from the combat.

He kept silence out of place and not in tact joined in song,
Always talking a different matter
He didn't let me to sleep, he got up with the sun,
But yesterday didn't return from the combat.

That, it's emptily now, not a matter for talk
We were two- only now I noticed,
As a wind blew out bonfire for me,
When he hasn't returned from combat.

Teared away as from captivity spring,
By mistake I desided to hail him:
"Pal, leave something to smoke",- only silence in response,
Yesterday he remained in the battle.

Those who died won't leave us in trouble,
Our fallen - as senturies are standing...
Sky reflects in the forest, as in the water,
In the azure the trees are all painted.

In dug-out for us there was place quite enough,
Time was flowing for us just for both...
Everything now for one, but it's going to seem,
That it's me who haven't returned.
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