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Vysotsky's Lyrics: Translation by Genia Gurarie

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The lyrical song
Russian title: Liricheskaia
The boughs of the spruce shaking over the ground, 
The birds apprehensively tweeting... 
You live in a wildwood forever spellbound 
From which not a pathway is leading. 
Let the cherry be drying her leaves in mid air, 
Let the lilac her bounty be spilling -- 
All the same I am going to fetch you from here 
To a palace where reedpipes are trilling.

Sly shamans are keeping you under a spell 
Secluded from me and from sunlight. 
You fancy no land would become you so well 
As this of a thousand-and-one-nights. 
Let no dew on the grass of a morning appear, 
Let the moon fear a cloudy commotion -- 
All the same I am going to fetch you from here 
To a tower with a view of the ocean.

O when will you break through the tangle of charms 
Right out to the spot of our meeting? 
O when will I carry you off in my arms 
To where not a track will be leading? 
I will steal you! if stealing appeals to your heart - 
Or in vain have I spent so much power?!.. 
Come, agree to a warm little heaven in a hut, 
If there is no more palace or tower.
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