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Vysotsky's Lyrics: Translation by Liza Simonova

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Go ahead, drink
Russian title: A nu-ka, pej-ka...
Go ahead, drink!
Luck's on your side.
Your life's a cent, but
Mine's a bull's eye.
You, with the felt there!
Let's bet shall we?
Me from 90 yards
And you right here.

My cards are bad,
My fate I'll face;
I've got a ten and
An ace of spades.
Because on that bet you
Shot at point-blanc;
But I'm a sharpshooter and
You're a gambler, right?

Now where could you go?
My shot hit hard:
And 10 in the head,
9 in the heart.
Just as a black dot
On a white leaf.
...That night became
a part of me...
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