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Irina Farhi aka Dugla, was born in USSR * (Kharkov, Ukraine *). Now live in Israel *. M.Sc. *-graduated on Environmental engineering in Kharkov Institute of Municipal engineering, I finished M.Sc on the same speciality in Haifa Technion.

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The projects I have participated in


o VBSearch: fast search with multiple keys in huge text files.

o VBSplit: fast search for similar blocks in huge text files. Responsible for similarity check in local frames.

o Robot speaks randomly chosen anecdotes. Responsible for extraction algorithm, Monte-Carlo random numbers generator and client-server interface.

Norton for housewives

The project was sponsored by Tigers Ltd.

o NG database on Boris Grebenschikov's creation.
o NG database on creation of russian rock-group "Alisa".
o NG Database on The Beatles creation.


Kama-Sutra online. Responsible for QA.

Humor for you

Big anecdotes collection. Customer representative.
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